1) What is Futuristea?

Futuristea was born out of the love for the true tea experience. I, the Tea Girl Su, feel like the power of this drink is underappreciated by many, mainly due to the lack of proper tea education and real, loose-leaf tea options. There's more to tea than teabags and iced teas, believe me!

2) What kind of teas do you offer?

We offer both flavored and unflavored teas. We carry many types of tea: Black, Green, Herbal, and we are expanding! 

3) What size bags do you offer?

We carry all of our teas in convenient 2oz, 4oz and 16oz bags. All of our teas are blended by hand in advance and stored for as little time as possible to maintain freshness. If you would like to purchase a bigger quantity, please email us at support@teasamples.com.

5) How does Shipping work? Do you ship outside of the USA?

Currently we do not offer shipping outside of the USA. We do offer shipping to all of the US states. Standard delivery times are 3-4 business days. There are express shipping options available at checkout. 

6) I don't know anything about teas. Is this store for me?

Our store caters to both tea novices and tea connoisseurs. We offer high-quality, delicious teas that all have been uniquely blended by our hands. We are sure, no matter your tea tank, you will love our teas!

8) Do you have Instagram?

We are promptly working on it! Meanwhile, please subscribe to our newsletter.